Website: jeremyway.com

Jeremy Way was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1978. He moved to the Lowcountry of South Carolina in 1981, where the Way family has been anchored since 1690. He attended dozens of formal art classes and programs starting in preschool. At age 18, he moved to Manhattan and earned his undergraduate degree studying under some of the most influential instructors in the industries of fine art, advertising and graphic design at School of Visual Arts . As a student, Jeremy was awarded space for his work in Graphis ‘ “New Talent Annual, 2001” and exhibition space in the famous Art Directors Club in 1999 and 2000.

After graduation in 2000, Jeremy worked at an e-commerce company located on Wall Street. When the company crashed five months later due to the dot-com bubble burst, Jeremy changed career paths and was blessed with a beautiful wife and daughter. In 2005, he began experimenting with old world materials, trying to rediscover the Flemish
brilliance, yet use it for a surrealistic style that promotes biblical morals through the use of allegory. By 2012, he had succeeded in achieving a quality that’s very uncommon among contemporary painters anywhere in the world. His work isn’t for your common landscape collector or gallery – it’s for those who have champagne taste for mysterious art.

Jeremy’s family history in the Lowcountry spans more than ten generations. He is an avid body boarder and swimmer who enjoys spending time with his very large family. He is a direct descendant of Henry “The Puritan” Way of Dorset, England and Dorchester, Massachusetts (1630) and Aaron Way (son of Henry) of Salem, Massachusetts.


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