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About the body of work

25 Mar

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Jeremy creates exquisite oil paintings that are designed for a lifespan of several centuries, making his work a wise investment for the collector who has champagne taste for mysterious art. Only the most permanent, non-yellowing pigments are used. The substrates are pH neutral so the pigment won’t “sink- in” over time. 100% natural amber varnish seals the work, allowing a safe and simple method for future surface cleaning.

The 2012-13 body of work are mostly expressions of societal ills. By no means should one assume that the works are self-righteous. Rather, they are meant to document the emotions of the “here-and-now” for future generations in an attempt to demonstrate that, regardless of the year, our biggest problems remain the same throughout history.

My paintings are, in extreme summation, conscious interpretations of unconscious events.

The genesis of my paintings occur in the quiet twilights nestled between being awake and being asleep. This God-given, momentary lapse of reasoning is, ironically, a sort of purgatory where I extract my best treasures to share with the world.

Oftentimes, I do not fully understand my paintings until they are near completion, yet I faithfully pursue the vision of what I have been given to do.

I believe that the highest art is able to diplomatically reconcile the artist’s competing natures of the spirit and mind through the hands, thereby creating an extension that has the ability to remain static through millennia.